Solvation.xyz was conceived, designed and developed by Hold Fast Consultants Inc. The concept is to empower students by providing them with step by step solutions to text book problems. These solutions can be used by students to help them learn in any environment.

Why 'Solvation'? Solvation is a chemistry term that, loosely defined, means to make into a solution. We like to think of it as a way of making a solution, for time-pressed students, parents, and teachers. (A more technical definition can be found on Google).

Solvation is there any time you need it, day or night!

Don't see a book on our list? Just ask!

Our office is located in Victoria BC, Canada.

Hold Fast

Hold Fast Consultants Inc. has been helping to improve mathematics and science education in Canada and internationally for over a decade, through:

  • Curriculum research and development
  • Learning resource development and evaluation
  • Teacher in-service

Regardless of age, education is most effective when the learner is an active participant. Children learn by playing, not by listening to lectures. This process does not suddenly stop at a certain age level, but continues to be part of the learning process. For math and science education, this constructivist philosophy means that curricula, learning resources, and pedagogy must support students in learning by doing. For more information, please visit the Hold Fast Consultants Inc. website, http://hold-fast.ca.