Solvation Partners With Edvantage Interactive

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Solvation is pleased to announce that as of September 1, 2017, Edvantage Interactive is officially partnering with us to promote and expand our collection of textbook solutions.

We currently have 10 new versions of Edvantage Interactive’s textbooks online for both students and teachers with plans to increase that total to 26. New solutions are being updated constantly as more books are being printed and will be released during the next year.

Edvantage Interactive is a publishing company based in Victoria, BC. They specialize in textbooks for high school chemistry and physics, including AP Chemistry 1 and 2 and AP Physics. Every textbook is customizable to each teachers needs and includes QR codes that can be linked to any article or video that the teacher would like.

For the next 10 months, the pilot program with Edvantage Interactive will give any teacher buying new textbooks free access to all solutions. All solutions are fully worked and show step-by-step instructions on how to answer each question. Together, we hope to provide a reliable resource that will help both teachers and students to further their education and understanding of chemistry and physics. We are excited to welcome Edvantage Interactive to our team!

For more information on Edvantage Interactive, visit:

Hold Fast Announces Solvation

Solvation helps students learn how to solve textbook problems

Hold Fast Consultants Inc. has officially announced the creation of a new website called Solvation (

Solvation provides professionally-worked, illustrated, step-by-step solutions to text book problems for students, teachers and parents. The site is designed to be accessed from any device, whether desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.

Students learn best by doing. Solvation was conceived as a way to empower students to access step by step solutions from anywhere, as they work through problems on their own.

Bruce McAskill PhD, president of Hold Fast Consultants Inc.

Users can purchase solution credits individually or as a pack to save up to 99%. The 'Novice' package is a single solution available for only $0.60 CAD, while the largest package known as ‘Wizard’ allows users to access 2,000 solutions for $25 CAD, making it an affordable way to improve understanding of challenging concepts.

With an array of books, the site not only provides the answer, but also how to get there. Its aim is for the user to understand every step from the beginning to the end.

Currently, Solvation is offering the solutions to textbooks such as McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.’s Chemistry 12 and Nelson Education’s Advanced Functions. A full list of textbooks is available on the Browse page.

More textbook solutions are being developed all the time. Users can use the feedback form to make requests for textbook solutions they would like to access on

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Hold Fast's office is located in Victoria, BC.

To learn more about Solvation or Hold Fast Consultants Inc., read the About page, or contact Bruce at:

Hold Fast Consultants Inc.
Bruce McAskill Ph.D., President