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Winter Health

The chair of the Youth Sport Trust has described the current physical inactivity levels of young people as “bleak and worrying” in a recent Guardian article.

Baroness Sue Campbell goes on to say that “PE, school sport and physical activity improves physical health; boosts mental health and builds resilience; creates active habits for life and boosts academic achievement.”

We’re all for academic achievement, but it can be tough in the winter to stay active, whether that’s because it’s too cold or you’re simply too busy. Here are some fun ideas:

Find a fun activity

If you’re a runner or enjoy walks around the neighbourhood during summertime, try a new outdoor activity like cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing.

Sign up for activities at your local community centre

There are many locations that offer a wide variety of classes — from aerobics and badminton to basketball and yoga. Fees are reasonable and sometimes there is a free trial class offered.

Hop online

YouTube has an endless source of instructional videos for exercises including dance, interval training, yoga and weight lifting programs. When you finish the video, choose another different kind of exercise the next time to spark your interest and motivation.

Go play

Head outdoors with your family and enjoy the best of what winter has to offer — snow! Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, even just shoveling the driveway still will work up a sweat.

Shake it off

Find a frozen surface – a local hockey rink, your own flooded backyard or a lake (frozen to appropriate thickness, which the Canadian Red Cross says is at least 15 centimetres) – and lace up in true Canadian style.

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Bruce McAskill Bruce McAskill, PhD, is an educational consultant and a high school math and science teacher in Victoria BC. He is currently developing solution sets in his spare time for more textbooks!