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Need Inspiration? Connect with Others!

In the U.S., October is Connected Educator Month and with this focus comes many opportunities for professional development and new interactions.

“Educators must be more than information experts; they must be collaborators in learning, seeking new knowledge and constantly acquiring new skills alongside their students,” says a 2010 National Education Technology Plan. It’s absolutely true that North Americans are asking more than ever of their educators, and teachers must innovative to thrive in this changing environment.

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How can leaders develop their knowledge and skills to meet the rising expectations? By leaning on one another for support and growing together.

Whether it’s a group sharing files on Google Drive, meeting with a more experienced colleague for coffee to discuss iPad learning, or tweeting with another educator hundreds of miles away about how to get girls more involved in STEM, there are many ways we can make connections.

Social media has increased ways to connect. Facebook and Twitter may have started as a way to connect with family and friends, but it has turned into an important part of developing your personal learning network (PLN). Share items like personal stories on successful practices or how you learned from certain mistakes and links to meaningful content like blog posts or apps created for educators. By posting ideas and inspiration, you’ll build your PLN and online relationships.

When you make a connection through recommendations from other people, always check out the profiles and credentials of these educators before deciding to follow them. It can become overwhelming if you don’t filter the voices you’re following.

Between face-to-face and online interactions, you’ll be able to brainstorm new approaches, find support on any struggles and most importantly, evolve as an educator.

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Bruce McAskill Bruce McAskill, PhD, is an educational consultant and a high school math and science teacher in Victoria BC. He is currently developing solution sets in his spare time for more textbooks!